Software Development

I started my Software Development career in LifeScan Scotland with a one-year contract in 2015 as an IT intern.
At the time I was working on small development projects and managing the introduction of mobility to the site, in the form of Apple iPads.
After my year was up I was kept on as a contractor, until 2018 when I was made the Senior Software Devloper in IT

When it comes to application development I like to focus on writing applications with a simple UI and comprehensive test suite.

My Linkedin has more information about some of the roles I have been doing recently.


LifeScan Scotland - Formerly Johnson & Johnson
Senior Software Developer:
2018 - Present

IT Analyst, Contractor:
2016 - 2018

Software Engineer Intern:
2015 - 2016

Hired on a one year internship to focus on implenting a mobility program, developing software applications and completing validation exercies.
Throughout the year I was informed that there was no job for me once it was completed, however I was kept on as a permanent contractor on a yearly contract.
Once the divestment from J&J was announced, I was promoted to lead the software development team in Inverness.

When I get some free time at home, I am trying to spend some of it working on my HomeLab, so that I can do some borderline useful things, whilst surrounding myself with computers and learning at the same time.

So far it doesn't do a great deal (except heat my spare the room and dry my washing), I am hoping to have my progress and todo list in a self hosted Kanban board here soon!